Integration Types Guide


We currently support two integration types for Stably Ramp
  1. iFrame integration allows you to easily insert Stably Ramp into the DOM node of your choice. (Note: The minimum dimensions are 400 x 680 px)
    1. Codepen Example
  1. External link integration This is is pretty straightforward - the only thing you need to do is to redirect your user to https://ramp.stably.io/. No extra work needed! Just add a link to your app.


Due to technical limitations with 3rd party plugins that Stably uses, a simple WebView integration on mobile is currently not possible. We recommend going with one of the three approaches mentioned below.
  1. External link integration: Open up Stably Ramp in a new browser tab
      • This is the easiest form of integration and works as expected
  1. Trade page integration: Only the first trade page is shown in your application, when a user clicks proceed (or login) Stably Ramp is opened in a new browser tab
      • For this to work you need to include _blank=1 in the url and allow for opening up external links in the native browser via the WebView
  1. WebView integration with browser tabs: This offers the best UX since users will stay in your app and do not have to open a new browser window.
      • It should take less than an hour to follow this approach
In the future Stably will provide an SDK for mobile integrators with additional features. If you have a specific feature you want or use-case you want us to consider please let your account manager know.