Step-by-Step Integration Guide

Integrating Stably Ramp should take only 30 minutes or less!


1. Apply for Stably Ramp integrator access

All prospective integrators are required to submit an application to unlock access before integrating Stably Ramp. Afterward, a Stably representative will reach out to you via email with details on the next steps, including instructions for our due diligence and KYB onboarding process.
Currently, integrators are not required to use an API key, but this will change in the future. Once this change takes place, we will update this page with new guidelines.

2. Choose your Stably Ramp integration type

You can find out more about the different integration types we support via the πŸ“±Integration Types Guide.

3. Initialize the Stably Ramp widget with URL parameters

You can view the configuration options via the βš™οΈWidget Configuration Guide.

4. Test Stably Ramp in the beta/sandbox environment

Please refer to this Sandbox Guide on how to test your Stably Ramp integration.

5. Go live with your Stably Ramp integration

Once you have successfully completed the integrator onboarding process, your Stably representative will provide you with:
  • A Stably Ramp integrationID.
  • A live metrics dashboard link, allowing you to view your integration’s activity and analytics.
You can then use ramp.stably.io with the same URL parameters above to go live in production.